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Standards-Based Risk Assessment Software for Your Factory, Line, System or Equipment.

Safety Center Inc.
Safety Center delivers a clear, easy to understand, consistent path to the methodology needed for reducing risk to an acceptable level. Identification of Tasks, associating them with Hazards and selecting the proper Performance Level, Safeguard and Complementary Protective Measures, SISTEMA calculations during verification, real-time validation checklist and more...
  • Safety Center Inc.Functional Safety Determination of Protection Levels & Category for Design Verification        and Final System Validation.
  • Safety Center Inc.Fortune 500 adopted methodology by Factories, Integrators and OEMs.
  • Safety Center Inc.Indepth SISTEMA calculation support.
  • Safety Center Inc.Design for Robot, IMR, AMR and Collaborative systems.
  • Safety Center Inc.Software is in strict compliance with ISO, ANSI / RIA R15.06-2012, RIA TR R15.306-2016,        Z434-14, ANSI B11.0-2020 and ANSI/ISO 12100: 2010

About Us

  • Safety Center Inc.Structure standard-based Risk Assessments process for all your factory locations
  • Safety Center Inc. Developed by an elite team of safety professionals.
  • Safety Center Inc. Developer backgrounds in robot, machine, process and material handling systems.
  • Safety Center Inc. Software in strict compliance with ANSI/RIA Standards.
  • Safety Center Inc. Entirely focused on making risk assessment efficient.
Safety Center is focused on making task-based risk assessment as easy to do as possible. Part of that reasoning was why our software is in the Cloud as a subscription. The Cloud is much easier to deploy, develop and manage. After 6 years, it is clear now that Safety Center software is a key tool for any Safety Program. Never before has the opportunity for inclusion been so easy. Safety Center addressed the Task-based Risk Assessment software need as directed by the ANSI/RIA. We at Safety Center stand ready to assist you. Thank You for your interest, support and input. We are dedicated to continuously improving this tool.

Safety Center offers online and/or onsite training on how to use our Task Based Risk Assessment software. If requested, we will forward you to virtual safety consultants with expertise in your industry.
About Us


Robot Safety Center offers online and/or onsite training on how to use our Task Based Risk Assessment software. If requested, we will even conduct your robot risk assessment for you.

  • Safety Center Inc.Task-based Risk Assessments and Training
  • Safety Center Inc.Preloaded tasks, hazards, safeguards & more
  • Safety Center Inc.Indepth SISTEMA Calculation support
  • Safety Center Inc.Robot & Machine Standards Training
  • Safety Center Inc.Detailed Verification Process
  • Safety Center Inc.In-built Validation Checklist
  • Safety Center Inc.Easy Collaboration, Template-based Approach
  • Safety Center Inc.Reports, Audit & Tracking
  • Safety Center Inc.Institute Risk Assessment Process across the plants
  • Safety Center Inc.Onsite Consulting & Training
  • Safety Center Inc.TuV Nord - CMSE Certified Professionals
  • Safety Center Inc.In accordance with ISO, RIA, CE
  • Safety Center Inc.Preloaded Safety Device data from various Manufacturers
  • Safety Center Inc.Share/UnShare real-time collaboration with integrators
Additional Services Includes:
Robot Safety Center offers software consulting that helps you mold the Task Based Risk Assessment software to your company's needs.
We can deliver information immediately making machine or process information available as needed. Most companies miss the opportunity a risk assessment brings to make information much easier to access on a day to day basis. Risk Assessments typically access pictures, videos, drawings, functional descriptions, maintenance procedures, manuals, spec sheets and more. Wouldn't it be nice if you could access all of this information easily from anywhere on your notebook, tablet or cell phone?
We deliver measurable results to our clients by delivering on their individual needs
We combine forward thinking strategies with down to earth software based solutions.
Our solutions are proven, innovative and methodical, delivering a solid proof of concept and an ROI that can be monitored.
We are experts at collaboration. We can bring your Safety Team together no matter where they are.
Communications is key to everyday business, but even more key when an accident occurs. We know how to help in a methodical, coordinated manner that incorporates guidelines from the standards.
We are connected with 100's of consultants across the world. In many cases we can link the right consultant with our clients for the value added service they need.
About Us

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The Safety Center approach to Task-based Risk Assessment.
Approach to Return on Investment based Safety Proposals.
  • Safety Center Inc.Developed by one of the world’s most experienced and talented user interface        software groups.
  • Safety Center Inc.Requires participation from all Safety Team members.
  • Safety Center Inc.Continuous Improvement and Lessons Learned from ANSI/RIA committee members       and clients.
  • Safety Center Inc.Focus on accurate, easy and fast data entry.
  • Safety Center Inc.Anyone who can use a browser can use this software – inclusion and ownership.
When we polled our clients regarding the major obstacles to making a safety program work, we received the following statements:
  • Safety Center Inc.It is difficult to get commitment.
  • Safety Center Inc.Safeguards are being removed and left off the machines.
  • Safety Center Inc.Safeguards are being bypassed.
  • Safety Center Inc.Safety meetings are not always attended and it is difficult to get people focused.
  • Safety Center Inc.Maintenance people feel that safety gets in the way of their job.
Promotional Plans & Pricing

Subscription Price

  • One-time Customization, Setup & Software Training
  • Add Additional user(optional)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Schedule bi-weekly 1-hour calls to support and guide ongoing risk assessments. (included)
  • “How it Works” Video Walkthrough.
  • Unlimited Risk assessments.
  • Unlimited Validations.
  • Customizable Parameters.
  • Audit Reporting. Trace actions in software. (History Trail)
  • Automatic Functional Safety Calculations. (Build a custom library based on company specifications.)
  • Reporting
  • Share/Unshare,
  • Standards excerpts, and Self-help Videos.

Annual Subscription + TRAINING COST

  • UP TO 10 Users – Online Session for the Whole day.
  • The task, Hazard Identification.
  • Standards-based Risk Matrix Evaluation.
  • Risk Reduction Measures.
  • Comprehensive Verification & Validation.
  • Advanced Lockout/Tagout Procedures.
  • Functional Safety Calculations. (SISTEMA library based.)
  • Fitting Applications into the Risk Assessment Process.
  • software safety training for every signed-up user.
  • Setup & Installation of the new customer
  • Life Cycle Risk assessments plan & more…



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